The Importance of Brain Injury Prevention

Aug 15, 2017 by

The human brain is a complexly designed piece of biological matter that has the mysterious ability to control the entire body of the individual it belongs to. The brain is faster than any computer processor known to man and possesses functions that can control the tiniest parts of the biological activity. When examining the brain it is important to remember that it sits floating in the skull and if agitated can pose life threatening implications on an individual. The medical research focused on studying the brain in states of injury has given us a tiny insight to the sensitivity of this god organ.

In cases of severe brain trauma, it is likely the victim will never fully recover and will require assistance for menial daily activities for the rest of their life. Because the brain is entirely central to the operations of bodily functions, whenever it is injured there can be multiple different side effects happening somewhere in the body. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, annually about 1.7 million people suffer from a traumatic brain injury. From this figure 52,000 will succumb to death related to their injury, 275,000 will require hospitalization for their injury, and 1.365 million will have emergency center visits. This shockingly high figure can be related to countless causes. A person could sustain a traumatic brain injury just be falling down on a slippery surface if they land near or on the skull. In the event that an individual experiences circumstances similar to the description of a severe brain accident, they may be eligible to take up legal action using the help of a Carolina personal injury lawyer to assist with medical bills or other inconveniences. Brain injuries do not discriminate or choose their victims. Because of this a vast majority of cases, nearly half a million, are found in victims between the ages of infancy and fourteen years old. If a child receives a serious blow to the head strong enough to cause a TBI then the likelihood of that child recovering properly is very slim. Because of the way a child’s brain is still developing during this age window, there will usually be long lasting effects. It is crucial to seek medical attention as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of worsening the injury. Reaction times for brain injuries are very important in saving brain function and state of mind for the victim.

In summary, traumatic brain injuries are extremely prevalent injuries that can greatly affect a victim’s life depending on the level of severity and response time for medical attention. The brain is an unbelievably perfect design that allows for us to exist in the human experience. There is much we as a species still have left to discover in regards to the brain. The answers of consciousness, memory, dreams, and other metaphysical inquiries have yet to be discovered by our species. Perhaps one day we will fully understand the brain and in turn will be able to fully understand ourselves.

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