Drunk Driving: Major Causes and Prevention

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You don’t need to be a traffic safety expert to realize that drunk driving is extremely dangerous. Alcohol can limit a person’s control over his own body, his mental capability to judge what is happening on the road and comprehend traffic signs and lights, and his reaction time.

Drunk driving is against the law. Those who are convicted will face a variety of penalties, such as thousands of dollars in fines and months to years of license suspensions and jailtimes. Also, if an innocent party has been hurt in a car accident because of the drunk driver, the drunk driver may be held liable for the damages this innocent party has sustained.

Major Causes

Despite the numerous consequences, drunk driving is still an offense that is often committed, and many times, it has resulted into accidents, injuries, and even deaths. So, why do many drivers still do it? There are two major factors why.

The first major factor is confidence to their driving abilities. Drivers drive while intoxicated because they are sure that nothing bad is going to happen anyway, even though many times they are proven wrong. The second major factor is belief that they are not going to get caught.

They are willing to bet on these two factors so they can go home even when they are too influenced by alcohol to function well. This has resulted into drunk driving accidents, like when the drunk driver loses control of a vehicle, swerves off the road and crash, or veers to the opposite lane and collide head-on with an oncoming vehicle.


Drunk driving is already illegal, so the government’s only issue here is law enforcement. To prevent people from driving while under the influence of alcohol, they should focus on countering the two major factors why they do such a reckless driving act.

To eliminate driver confidence, the government can have campaigns focusing on alcoholism, drunk driving, and other similar problems. This is to raise awareness regarding these dangers, especially when on the streets where the drunks are not just the only ones at risk.

To eliminate driver belief, a tighter enforcement of the law may be required. This can be done by increasing police visibility, setting up sobriety check points, and prioritizing DUI cases in court. The main idea is to increase the possibility of arrest and show the people that the government is serious when it comes to drunk drivers.

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