West Palm’s Road Safety Laws: E-Scooters, Bikes, And Mopeds

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West Palm’s Road Safety Laws: E-Scooters, Bikes, And Mopeds

Riding an electric scooter, bicycle or moped is a great way to get around town, and it’s fun. However, there are many safety considerations that you need to be aware of before hitting the road. West Palm has put in place some laws that help keep riders safe on the roads! We’ll review those laws here.

Laws Related To E-Scooters, Bikes & Mopeds:

There are several laws related to e-scooters, bikes, or mopeds in place in West Palm. If you don’t follow them, sooner or later you’ll get caught by the traffic police and issued a ticket. So, make sure you learn these laws before driving around. Here are some of them for your reference:

  • It is illegal to ride a bike or moped on the sidewalk
  • Riders must wear helmets when riding an electric scooter, bicycle, or mopeds
  • Drivers and riders of bicycles are required to have a front light and rear reflectors at night. All vehicles ridden after dark should have headlights that can be seen from 500 feet away in normal conditions
  • Riders should not carry anything that obstructs their view or the vehicle’s lights
  • Scooters and bicycles ridden on sidewalks must keep to the right, except when passing pedestrians. Bikes may also ride in the center of a lane if they are overtaking another bicycle or scooter from behind
  • When riding an electric scooter, you cannot hold onto any other person at anytime

Police Enforcement: It is illegal for riders under 16 years old to operate these vehicles without supervision by someone 18 years or older with a valid driver’s license.

These rules help keep you safe while out riding! Now go get your bike tuned up for springtime, so you’re ready to hit the road soon.

If you follow these rules always and still meet with an accident because of someone else’s negligent driving behavior, then report the case to the police and hire a personal injury lawyer like SHW Law¬†without wasting any time to make them pay for their mistake. Doing so will not only let the culprit escape but also ensure that you get compensated for your losses.

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