Divorce Issues: Understanding Alimony

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While divorce legally dissolves the marriage of a couple, those that go through the process are not able to completely forgo of the bonds they’ve made with one another so easily. Many of the couples that opt for divorce share responsibilities they can’t easily shake. This is especially applicable for parents who would like to continue being equally involved in the upbringing of their children, and those who are in situations where one half of the couple is in a financially better position than the other. Alimony payment issues are the particular concern of those described by the latter scenario.

A lot of people that go through a divorce can experience significant financial hardship after the marriage is finalized. There are many couples who keep their assets together, and some where one couple is designated as the primary earner while the other is focused on childcare. Whatever the case, alimony payments ensure that individuals that had been financially dependent on their spouses are allowed support while they reach a more self-sustaining financial situation.

Alimony payments are made by the spouse determined by the court to have much better financial prospects than the other. The court will decide on the amount by considering factors like each spouse’s age, health status, as well as their individual financial status and income opportunities. It will also be the court to decide the manner in which the alimony payments will be made and for how long.

According to the Fort Worth divorce attorneys of The Maynard Law Firm, disputes over alimony usually stem from one’s failure to meet the required payments. This may be solved through litigation, with the court having to enforce stricter guidelines for spousal support. There are also cases when alimony agreements can be modified. With legal assistance, the court may make adjustments to the required payments following changes in one party’s financial circumstances.

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